Tekken Tag Tournament for Android

Tekken Tag Tournament is an enhanced version of Tekken 3 for the benefit of the worse. For comfort though Namco have reaccumulated the cast of Tekken 2 and ofcourse added the tag team elements implied in the title. Although the Playstation 2 version takes this a step further by vamping up the visuals by a great deal, adding a variety of bonus modes (including the ridiculous Tekken Bowl game) and dual shock 2 support.

Friends, all of you must have played the tekken game but all of you want to play this game of Playstation 2 in your Android phone and so far you have not got any emulator of PlayStation 2, but Today I will tell you an emulator that lets you play PlayStation 2 all the games in your phone. The name of this emulator is Damon PS2 pro, you will get the download link of this emulator below.

Gameplay : Continuing the fighting mechanics from Tekken 3Tekken Tag Tournament sees players battling in teams of two characters. At any point in the match, the player can hit a tag button to swap out with their other fighter, allowing the resting fighter to recover some lost health. The tag can be implemented in many ways, such as in between combos or utilizing special throws. At times when a resting fighter’s lifebar is flashing, that character can be tagged in to be given a temporary boost in strength. Unlike other tag games such as Capcom‘s Vs. series, players are defeated when only one of their fighters lose all of their health, requiring players to be strategic about tagging their fighters. In the event of a timeout, the team with the most accumulative health remaining wins the round.

Step By Step :-

  1. First off all Damon ps2 Emulator Apk.
  2. Now Extract the Bios and tekken file.
  3. open damon ps2 Emulator and Select Bios file.
  4. Now Select The Game and Play.

You Can download the game from the link give below. 

Download Damon Ps2 : Click

Download Tekken : Click

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